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Ice Creamized.. Again!! 🍦

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year..2023 is just around the corner. What’s your new resolution? My new resolution is I want to explore more Ice Cream and dessert cafe we have because I just love the sweetness that can bring happy memories! 😁 This is…Three Tea Ice Cream. The shop is located at the centralContinue reading “Ice Creamized.. Again!! 🍦”

Happiness is… Desserts!🍦🍨

Have you ever wonder why we happy when we get some sweets? Especially Ice Cream?! Who doesn’t love ice cream right? How about Gelato? Yes… So, do you know the difference of Ice Cream and Gelato? They are both equally popular frozen desserts. Ice cream is sweet, airier and mostly made of cream. Maybe someContinue reading “Happiness is… Desserts!🍦🍨”